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3-in-1 package

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DOWN JOHN™ Annual Septic System Treatment

DOWN JOHN™ is a revolutionary 3 part treatment for anaerobic septic systems and needs only to be added once a year. The 12 oz. kit contains 3 packs, to be flushed down the toilet into the septic tank, on 3 consecutive days.

Easy as 1,2,3

Pack 1 contains a high surface area carbon-like material that removes household chemicals, bleach, detergents and soaps that normally kill off the septic tank bacteria. It also provides an excellent matrix for improved bacterial growth. The result is long lasting and improved septic system performance. Added on Day 1.

Pack 2 is a safe, proprietary bacteria blend that colonizes the tank and provides constant waste digestion. Added on Day 2.

Pack 3 contains a white powder, a high activity enzyme that will dissolve any grease that has built up in the tank. Added on Day 3.

Once A Year Septic Treatment … At Half The Cost

After the DOWN JOHN™ treatment the septic system will have reduced sludge and grease blockages, odor will be eliminated and lateral lines cleared, improving leach field absorption and preventing back up.

DOWN JOHN™ revives blocked and struggling septic systems and also increases capacity in overload situations. The ingredients are safe to handle, and one pack will treat a septic system up to 1,000 gallons capacity for one year. Forget the inconvenience of monthly treatment, and get better results for less than half the annual cost of other treatments.

Help Your Septic & The Environment

DOWN JOHN™ is extremely beneficial to the environment. Its powerful benefits include:

  • Binds toxins
  • Reduces green house gases
  • Produces richer soil for plant growth
  • Elimination of nitrates
  • Improves air quality
  • Help protect waterways
  • Creates a healthy fertilizer

Buy DOWN JOHN™ Today!

DOWN JOHN™ is the perfect septic treatment for your septic system. It is effective, environmentally friendly and at least half the cost of standard septic products. All other applications require far more applications because the toxins like bleach and anti-biotics dramatically shorten the life of the bacteria. But DOWN JOHN™’s unique carbon-based formula creates an environment that lasts far longer.

To help you remember your annual DOWN JOHN™ treatment, we supply a reply card in each package. Simply mail it back to us and we will send you a friendly note in 11 months reminding you it’s time to treat your septic system again. It is as simple as that.