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DOWN JOHN™ : The Best Septic Tank Treatment

When compared side by side with other septic treatment products, the value of DOWN JOHN™ becomes more impressive.




Rid-X / Bio-Active

Convenience Annual Treatment Monthly Treatment
Environmental Enhancement
  • Binds toxins.
  • Creates a healthy fertilizer.
  • Reduces green house gases.
  • Improving water holding capacity of soil.
  • Nutrients provide rich soil for plant growth.
  • No stated environmental benefits.
  • DOWN JOHN™ continues to work effectively while binding household chemicals, bleach, detergents and anti-bacterial soaps that normally kill off the septic tank bacteria.
  • Eliminates sludge and grease blockages
  • Odor is eliminated
  • Lateral lines are cleared
  • Leach field biomat clogging reduced and absorption improved.
  • Back ups prevented.
  • Performance dramatically impaired by presence of chemicals, bleach, detergents and anti-bacterial soaps.
  • Compromised by constant flow of sewage in, and water out of the tank.
  • If you miss one or two monthly treatments, the clogging will return..
Cost Savings
  • Less frequent pumping
  • Threat of leach field replacement reduced dramatically.
  • Annual product costs are less.
  • Stress on the submersible pump lessened thereby potentially increasing its expected life.
  • Only reduces the rate of sludge build-up in the septic system.
  • Pump out frequency reduced but not eliminated.
Safe to Use Yes Yes
DOWN JOHN™ Septic Tank Treatment
DOWN JOHN™ is shipped in the USA only through Amazon or direct from ENSOL LLC.


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